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Should you add graphics and colour to a CV?
Date: 05/10/2011
For the vast majority of people the answer to both of these questions is straightforward: recruiters alike will tell you that content, structure and overall layout are the only things that matter, because your CV must only evidence your capabilities and experience in a clear and digestible manner. In most cases, adding colour or graphic images will do nothing to advance these objectives.
Some retort that adding graphics, colour and images can help make your CV standout.  It is even fashionable to claim that adding such things helps to market you as a distinctive brand.  There are some companies who encourage you to design your own personal logo or even add a slogan to this effect.
These strategies are based on same logic that led to some sensational antics to gain attention: for instance, one bright spark decided to wrap their CV around a brick and throw it through the window of the prospective employer.  Well, it did gain their attention - just not in the way that individual hoped!!  Needless to say, they didn’t hire him. 
Clever designs, in most cases, are just ignored or, at worst, induce a feeling of disbelief and ridicule.  Basically, let your experience speak for itself and present it compellingly. This is the only sure way to produce a decent CV.

The only caveat to this rule applies to those working in creative sectors, like graphic designers or beauticians who might need to evidence some creative flair on their CV or add a photo to evidence their make-up skills, respectively.  In such cases, this is fine so long as it does not distract from the content.  Just as you would approach a brief, remember the needs of the customer in all you do.

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A great start-up weekend
Date: 04/04/2011

The weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of April, saw our flagship UK jobsite go to full steam ahead. Why we think you will like the site;

We aim to bring you relevant jobs and for Employers, relevant jobseekers.

If you would like any more information regarding our website, please get in touch here

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New Website Now Online!
Date: 02/12/2011

We are please to announce our new website is now online.


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News From The BBC

BBC News - UK

BBC News - UK

Hard Brexit 'could cost Tories next election' - MPs
Sun, 04 Dec 2016 05:12:56 GMT

Pursuing a "hard" Brexit could alienate Tory voters and cost the party power, a group of MPs says.

Mourinho faces tax probe call over Sunday Times claims
Sun, 04 Dec 2016 00:05:04 GMT

The tax affairs of football manager Jose Mourinho should be investigated by UK officials, an MP says.

HIV 'game-changer' now on NHS
Sun, 04 Dec 2016 00:22:17 GMT

A drug that dramatically reduces the risk of being infected with HIV will now be given to patients by the NHS in England.

Nicola Sturgeon to visit Ahmadiyya Mosque in Glasgow
Sun, 04 Dec 2016 00:28:01 GMT

Nicola Sturgeon will visit the mosque that was attended by murdered Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah later.

Man held over 'Jo Cox' tweet to MP Anna Soubry
Sun, 04 Dec 2016 05:09:47 GMT

A man is being questioned over a tweet calling for someone to "Jo Cox" a Remain-supporting Conservative MP.

Prince Harry visits Guyana rainforest community on Caribbean tour
Sat, 03 Dec 2016 21:05:52 GMT

Prince Harry explores the Iwokrama rainforest on the penultimate day of his Caribbean tour.

Ban on smoking in cars with children to come into force
Sun, 04 Dec 2016 00:23:37 GMT

A new law making it illegal to smoke in a car with anyone under the age of 18 will come into force in Scotland from midnight.

Girl, 14, dies after car overturns near Ellon
Sat, 03 Dec 2016 17:56:08 GMT

A 14-year-old girl dies after being seriously injured when a car overturned and ended up submerged in a burn in Aberdeenshire.

Manchester City's Yaya Toure on drink driving charge
Sat, 03 Dec 2016 14:53:47 GMT

Manchester City footballer Yaya Toure is charged with drink driving, police confirm.

St Albans sinkhole: Families finally return to homes
Sat, 03 Dec 2016 17:29:34 GMT

A family who were evacuated from their home when a sinkhole opened up outside have finally returned 14 months later.

Church of England jumped on 'middle-class Brexit bandwagon', bishop says
Sat, 03 Dec 2016 18:21:38 GMT

The Church of England joined the "middle-class bandwagon" in its response to Brexit, a bishop says.

Missing Corrie Mckeague: Van artist Ruddy Muddy joins search
Sun, 04 Dec 2016 00:17:57 GMT

An artist who uses dirty vehicles as a canvas joins in the search effort for a missing RAF serviceman.

The twin sisters celebrating their 100th birthday
Sat, 03 Dec 2016 08:41:00 GMT

Twin sisters Irene Crump and Phyllis Jones have just celebrated their 100th birthday.

Lottery millionaire: 'I thought I had won 2.40'
Sat, 03 Dec 2016 11:50:21 GMT

Lottery winner Jacqui Shannon didn't realise she had won the 1 million prize for three weeks

Clacton girl, 3, praised for life-saving 999 call
Sat, 03 Dec 2016 15:59:09 GMT

A three-year old girl who helped save her mother's life has been praised by emergency services for her quick thinking.

Jo Cox tribute: Stars and MPs record single
Sat, 03 Dec 2016 11:12:15 GMT

Music stars and MPs record a single as a tribute to the Labour backbencher Jo Cox, who was murdered in her constituency.

A novel way to cross the Thames
Fri, 02 Dec 2016 21:37:09 GMT

A zip wire over the River Thames in London raises 1m for charity.

The Scottish village left 400,000 by former PoW
Sat, 03 Dec 2016 13:07:41 GMT

Former German soldier donated his life savings.

Lost seal pup found at Liverpool ice rink
Fri, 02 Dec 2016 11:32:05 GMT

A young grey seal is found stranded next to an ice rink at the Pierhead in Liverpool.

BBC News Channel
Wed, 16 Mar 2016 12:34:37 GMT

Britain's most-watched news channel, delivering breaking news and analysis all day, every day.

Newspaper headlines: Brexit leaks 'panic' and Mourinho's tax
Sun, 04 Dec 2016 05:42:44 GMT

Sunday's papers feature stories on Jose Mourinho's tax, Brexit and I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Supreme test
Sun, 04 Dec 2016 02:25:23 GMT

The BBC's legal affairs correspondent on the ins and outs of the government's Supreme Court appeal.

Inflexible friend
Sun, 04 Dec 2016 00:49:53 GMT

The boss of Barclaycard says the plastic credit card is being replaced with new technology, so soon we will need nothing to make a payment.

Pretty vacant
Sat, 03 Dec 2016 00:16:00 GMT

Forty years ago the Sex Pistols were touring the country, hoping someone would let them play.

Post it
Sat, 03 Dec 2016 00:40:29 GMT

What role do postcards and letters play in this digital age? Some businesses think there is a gap in the market.

Real vs Fake
Sat, 03 Dec 2016 00:17:13 GMT

It's the time of year when Christmas trees go up, becoming the centrepiece of our family festivities. From cost to carbon footprint what should you consider when choosing your tree?

'I feel British'
Sat, 03 Dec 2016 00:46:58 GMT

BBC News visits a travel company using DNA testing to challenge its own workplace culture.

Fawlty fame
Fri, 02 Dec 2016 00:14:13 GMT

Actor who achieved fame as the bumbling Spanish waiter in Fawlty Towers.

More upsets
Fri, 02 Dec 2016 03:10:30 GMT

After the Richmond Park result, a look at some notable by-elections of the recent, and not-so-recent, past

Smart money?
Fri, 02 Dec 2016 00:23:08 GMT

As global student loan debt reaches crisis levels, can tech start-ups help cut costs?

Booster bother
Fri, 02 Dec 2016 14:52:28 GMT

New rules on car seats are being brought in but what are they and will parents need to buy replacements?

Tobacco road
Thu, 01 Dec 2016 17:09:46 GMT

A town in Belarus is producing billions of cigarettes per year, but how are many of them smuggled to the UK?